Coetus Declaratio

Latin - Italian - French - Polish - Portuguese - English - Chinese - Spanish - German - Arabic

Joint declaration

1. A clear examination of liturgical abuses and canonical injustices represents one of the first and most important steps to take, certainly the simplest and most immediate for lay Christians.

2. This is why we fit into the tradition of the Church, incorporating what was desired, in the liturgical context, into the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, as it illuminates the coexistence of the two forms of the Latin rite in their legitimacy, richness and complementarity.

3. Our sensitivity leads us to privilege the deepening of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin rite. But we also want to save our being a Christian community, defending the primacy of caring for the soul, through the custody of a clear doctrinal and moral identity.

4. As far as our skills and strength are concerned, we are committed to being custodians of the treasure of Christian culture, which finds its source in worship, the way through which we can restore the inner and outer order of the world; we assume this task as a mission whose fulfilment we know how to rest ultimately in the hands of God.

5. We mean the liturgy capable of acting in the intimate of the faithful, in an attitude of meekness and dedication to God, for an authentic renewal of the Church in the wake of Tradition, on condition of cultivating it in its most noble forms, among which the Extraordinary one excels.

6. To live our program we are committed to living the communion between the various COETUS Fidelium, to protect ourselves from abuse, promote common initiatives and help us to be credible testimonies, custodians of the sweetness of the doctrine and the beauty of faith.